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Total Engine Health™

We analyze engine data & foam clean jet engines on-wing in less than 1 hour to maximize performance & reduce lifetime operating expenses.

Maintain Peak Engine Health

  • Worldwide Patent Portfolio

AeroCore's Nucleated Foam Technology™


extremely fouled – degraded performance


99.9% of contaminates removed, engine operating at entitlement


AeroCore’s technology delivers the largest return-on-investment in the industry.
We provide maximum engine performance recovery with a 1-hour, on-wing restoration service.

Full Service

  • Touchless Performance Restoration
  • Service in 1 Hour or Less

Asset Monitoring

  • Fleet management
  • Flexible solutions

Get Results with AeroCore

Immediate EGTM recovery (up to 35°C)
Improved safety & enhanced visual inspection capabilities
Maximum performance recovery delivering extend time-on-wing
Industry leading fuel savings yielding $60k+ of annual benefits per aircraft
Recover more performance & sustain the benefits longer
Total Engine Health™ delivers unsurpassed fuel efficiency benefits and lifetime maintenance savings across all engine types

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